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Front Window


A stills photographer, an obsessive film buff, is locked inside his falling apart car on his way to his own wedding. The more he struggles to release himself from the seatbelt, the slimmer his chances get to free himself. He cuts himself with a sharp knife found in the car, the window handle breaks and the door cannot be opened.

Finally the municipal inspectors, furious with him for refusing to open the window to them, clamp his wheels and walk away not realizing that he is quite helpless. All this is happening while the bride is waiting on the balcony across the road, not knowing what to make of her groom's failing to show up.
Once the photographer resigns to his entrapment and stops fighting it, he discovers the pleasure of the freedom to observe the world. Reality blends with fantasy and all of a sudden he sees the outside world as fragments from history of film. Finally when an extremely attractive woman photographer notices him, and they proceed to take pictures of each other, she turns out to be the only one who can get him out of his car. At this point he is no longer sure he wants to get out of the car trap straight into the trap of wedlock.

This is a surprisingly amusing homage to Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, while at the same time leafing through the album of film History. Entirely non verbal, it is a sort of modern silent movie with sound effects and music

1990, 33min // Hebrew


Director: Aner Preminger
Producer: Aner Preminger
Script: Aner Preminger
Executive producer:
Nachshon Exelrod
Director of Photography: Yaacov 
Editor: Ami Druzd
Sound: Shai Mehalel
Music: Shalom Weinstein
Production Designer: 
Aryeh Weiss 
Costumes: Yael Nir
Makeup: Mary-Helen


Avi Abutbul Kedar
Shosh Mrarciano
Israel Gurion
Guest actors:
Alon Abutbul
Gabi Sushan

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