Enchanted Screen - A Chronology of Media & Language
Israel // 1990 //268 p.

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François Truffaut – The Man Who Loved Films
Israel // 2007 //318 p.

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François Truffaut – – Cinema as an Act of Love, an Intertextual Approach
IIsrael // 2015 //487 p.

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Reflections on Cinema and Ethos

Israeli and Other Scenes

Israel // 2018 //

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Law, Ethics and Reflexivity in Krzysztof Kieslowśki's Decalogue
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François Truffaut Rewrites Alfred Hitchcock: A Pygmalion Trilogy

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The Human Comedy of Antoine Doinel: From Honore´ de Balzac to François Truffaut

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The Arab Other in Israeli Cinema and Discourse

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