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On My Way To Father's Land


Trying to build a portrait of my father that throughout my life had been a puzzle, I take a parallel journey into the past. First I return with my father to Vienna. As we visit each room in my father's childhood home, we slowly discover what life had been like before the horrors of World War 2 had irrevocably changed his life. Second, we view a young immigrant in Palestine desperately working to create a better world. Member of Israel's first Parliament and Communist Party member, my father makes an earnest attempt to fuse Zionism and Communism.

Through archival material and personal interviews we follow a past interwoven with the present, creating a tale that is rooted in politics, ideology and introspection.

A moving documentary account of a son's struggle to understand his father's past. The film takes us on two journeys: the first is to Vienna, where director Preminger's father returns to his childhood home to share stories of his youth during the Nazi occupation. On the second journey, we follow Preminger's father as a young immigrant in Palestine where he became a member of the first "Knesset," joined the Palestine Communist Party, and later resigned to establish the Hebrew Communist Party.
Through interviews and archival material, the younger Preminger discovers his father's role in the politics and ideology debated in those days. The film ends as the father reviews his life but still "continues to build, to dream and plan growth and renewal."
Participated in the international Haifa Film Festival, 1995 

1995, 75min // Hebrew


Script, Director, Producer and cinematographer:
Aner Preminger
Editor: Ami Drozd

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