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One Eye Wide Open


A fascinating documentation of the craft of artist Zvi Lachman during the years 1998 – 2008. Access into Lachman's inner world through his works of art reveals and surprisingly discloses that the point of origin of his work is very similar to the director's.


To make room for the physical and mental severity of the images and circumstances he sculpts and sketches, he must minimize his line of vision to one organ, one eye: the cinematic equivalent of the shutter, the eye of the camera.

2009, 50min // Hebrew


Script, Directing, Producing:
Aner Preminger, Ami Drozd
Production Company: Poreh Productions.
Co-Producer: ATS Ltd.
With the association of:
AVRO Broadcasting Association/Close-up,
The Netherlands, 
Commissioning Editor Marijke Huijbregts
Roni Catzenelson
Additional Cinematography 
Tal Larish; Philip Balaish; Ram Shweky;
Yaron Meiri; Avi Vaknin
Ami DrozdSound recorders:
Shai El-Atar; Dani Shitrit; Zohar Klikman
Original Music & Musical consultant
Menachem Wiesenberg
Sound mix
Erez Eyni Shavit
DB Sound Studio, Gil Toren
Still photography
Avi Hai, Zvika Zelikevitz, Ariel Agai
Graphics consultant
Yaron Meiri Poster & DVD Design
Asaf Beeri,
Post Production House
ATS, Ltd.
Dana Kohen, Liora Gal, Yoram NavonWorld Sales: JMT Films – Michael Treves

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