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Lyrics by Eyal Nachmias
Music by Oren Sela
Perfomed by Osnat Harel


"Present Continuous" tells the story of a mother that on a Friday afternoon, while everyone is asleep, locks up her family members at home. Ruty is unable to deal with the stress and anxiousness she suffers from due to Israel's continuous tense situation.

She decides to protect her family: Ofer - a 19 year old soldier, Noa - a 15 year old teenager and Yoel - her husband. They all wake up to a locked house, disconnected from any means of communication.
What will happen in the locked Jerusalem household throughout one weekend at the time of the Second Intifada (2002)? "Till when?" ask her surprised family members and Ruty, who did not think it through and acted only by her motherly instinct, answers: "Till there is peace".
Did Ruty lose her mind? Or is she simply a brave mother who refuses to accept what seems normal to everyone else?
2012, 100min // Hebrew


Producer: Aner Preminger

Associate Producers: Noa Haviv,
Orit KimmelLine Producers:  Noa Haviv, 
Hagai Ben-Kuzari, Matan MelechPost-Production Producer: 
Talma SchweitzerProduction manager: Eran PolishukProduction coordinator: 
Karen Monsa-Reinstein

Location Manager: 
Karen Monsa-Reinstein



Director: Aner Preminger

1st. Assistant director: Ronen Balzam2nd. Assistant director: Imanuel SchechterScript manager: Elinor Nechemia
Screen Writer:  Orit Kimmel
Script development: Orit Kimmel, Aner Preminger
Director of Photography: Roni Katzenelson
1st. Camera Assistant: Adi Mozes
2nd. Camera Assistant: Roi Sivan
Still Photographer: Yoni Zindel
Still Photographer for art: Eitan Shuker
Production Designer: 
Yoel Herzberg
Art Director: Nir Alba
Set Dresser: Gil Yaron
Props: Adva Levi
Constructor: Amiram Lichter
Art Assistants: Ido Nadav, Maya Almog, Ayala Panyevski
Special Effects: Bashir Abu Ravia
Additional art: Noga Almi, Hila Peretz
Costumes Designer: Itai Yaacov
Costume Assistants: Ayala Paniewsky, Ayana Preminger
Make-up Designer: Marie-Helen
Key Grip: Daniel Miller
Grip: Zion Babila
1st. Gaffer: Lior Nezer
Gaffer: Ziv Kesten
Sound Man: Elior Demol
Boom Man: Amir Rothschild
Sound Designer: Yoss Appelbaum
Original Music: Oren Sela
Editor: Dori Rivkin


Main Characters:
Ruti – Chagit Dasberg
Yoel – Eyal Nachmias
Ofer – Matan Preminger
Noa – Tamar Preminger

Guest Appearance:
Henia – Rivka Michaeli
Bulek – Yossi Graber

"The stranger"/Reuven the artist – Ami Drozd
Juice vendor – Uzi-Elli
Naama – Chagit Agayof Grossman
Shimrit – Alma Dishi
Eitan – Roi Herzog
Sacha – Roman Shimonov
Ronen – Or Sgoli
Amit – Ilan Fruchter
Girl – Alma Drozd
Boy – Ido Drozd
Neighbor – Yona Erdal

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